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Processing of Eastern Hellbenders involves measurements of size and weight, assessment of health condition, taking photographs, and implanting RFID microchips beneath the skin so that we can identify individuals should they be recaptured in the future.

We spent a day capturing Eastern Hellbenders with  Don Jacobs, host and producer of the WNEP-TV 16 program “Pennsylvania Outdoor Life” and his film crew.  You can learn more about our Eastern Hellbender research projects by exploring the pages of this website.

Watch how we use RFID technology to relocate Eastern Hellbenders beneath massive stream rocks.  RFID technology has its limitations and the animal must be within a 12 inches of the circular antenna for the tag to respond and provide an identifying number.

About Cryptobranchid Conservation

This website was created to serve as a vehicle for presenting our Eastern Hellbender research in Pennsylvania and New York.  We will describe our field techniques for capture, processing, and release of wild hellbenders.  We will show how modern RFID technology is used for tracking wild hellbenders.  We will show how we use artificial shelters and slab rock to create hellbender habitat, and how the shelters are used to collect eggs and larvae for head starting by our partners.  We will describe how hellbenders are being monitored for health and movements following release to-the-wild. 

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